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The Upheavals of Phoenix Mythology in Transition from epic to Mysticism (based on Firdausi's SHahnameh and Attar’s Mantegotteyr) (14128 Views)
Review and Analysis of the Sea and the Drop Icons in Rumi's Ghazaliyat (8505 Views)
Pantheism in Masnavi Manavi (8025 Views)
Deliberation in the Desire‚ the Reasons and the Conditions (7805 Views)
Interpretation of Ghodsi Hadith from Mystics’ Points of View (5677 Views)
The study of Harut and Marut Myth in Masnavi (5310 Views)
Mystical Secrets and Allusions in the Eraghi’s Ghazals (4980 Views)
Double Application of Black Color in Islamic Mysticism (4975 Views)
The Study of Death and the Meaning of Life in Molavi’s Thoughts (4845 Views)
Moses and Shepherd Dialog in Masnavi (4626 Views)
The Analysis of the Symbols in Attar’s Mosibatname (4541 Views)
Farreh Izadi and Enayat Elahi in Mythical and Fictional World view with Emphasis on shahname ferdousi and Masnavi Molavi (4526 Views)
Love from Molana and Molla- Sadra’s Point of View ( Based on Masnavi and Asfar) (4515 Views)
The subject of Hijab in Attar's perspective (4475 Views)
The Study of Common Allegories in Rumi and Attar’s Mathnavis (4434 Views)
Concept of pain and Joy of Attar's view (4405 Views)
"No" negation," except "Affirmation from Molawi's Point of View (4401 Views)
Saif Farghany and Social Criticism (4394 Views)
Training to Gnostic Love by Bidel Dehlavi (4308 Views)
The Similarities between William Shakespeare and Hafez with regarding '' LOVE '' Category (4271 Views)
Theology in Sufism and it's Reflection in kashfal-mahjub (4258 Views)
The role of the allegory in explaining the mystical theories of Njam al-din-Razi in Mersad al-ebad (4221 Views)
Evaluating and Analyzing the Conception of Human Quad Communications in Masnavi Manavi (4217 Views)
Investigation and Explanation of Gnostic ideas of Attar Neyshabouri (4191 Views)
Study of the Mystical Concepts in The Terrestrial Nutrients of André Gide and Hafiz’s Ghazaliat (4140 Views)
Death and Voluntary Death from Sanai, Attar and Molana’s points of view (4126 Views)
The Analysis of Adam’s Creation in Mersad al-Ebad and Khatib_Farsi’s Ghalandarnameh (4096 Views)
Microcosms and Macrocosms in Zoroastrian Mysticism and its Commons with Molana’s Mysticism (4062 Views)
Reflects of Ignorant poetry in the Mystic poetry of the Seventh and Eighth Centuries (4033 Views)
Effects of Jealousy (zeal) at the Mystical Texts of Persian Literature Till 8th Century (4021 Views)
A Comparative Study of Death in John Donne and Sohrab Sepehri (3992 Views)
Alast Universe in the Mystical Prose Texts (3973 Views)
Manifestation of the (3958 Views)
The First Of “Eshgh Name’s” (Love Book’s) (3949 Views)
The Impression of Hafiz’ Ghostic Sonnets on Forughi Bastami (3938 Views)
Fixing the position of the Zoroastrian god of war Mars mythical ancient Persian Zoroastrian Studies (3927 Views)
The Functions of War Cry ( Rajaz Khani ) in The Book Of The Kings ( Shahname ) Of Ferdowsi and Garshasb Nameh of Asadi Towsi (3924 Views)
A comparison between the poetry of Mirza Habib_e_Khorasani and Elahi_e Ghomshei (3897 Views)
Sanaie and Attar Mystic Look to the Struggle of Satan with Jesus (3877 Views)
Association BunchesOf Mystical Images in KalimHamedani's Divan (3872 Views)
Perfect Human in the Poetry of Amir Khusrau Dehlavi (3871 Views)
The Analysis of Archetype and Theosophical Ultraism Symbols for Golshane Raz with Approach to Jung’s Theory (3869 Views)
Interpretation, Change and Contrast of Symbolic Implications in Shams Sonnets (3869 Views)
An Investigation in the Most important Mystic Concepts of Soltan Valad with a look at the Molavi’s Thoughts (3858 Views)
Psycho-analysis of Personality Dimensions of Mysticism Great Men in Asrar al- Tohid (3854 Views)
Theosophical Remembrance (Zikr) in the passage of Time (3848 Views)
Pantheism from a gnostic’s and a philosopher’s point of view (3830 Views)
Surrealism in Masnavi Ma’navi (3802 Views)
Zaum' in shams lyric poems (3798 Views)
The Quran's Hermeneutical Reflection on Kashani's Mesbah-al-Hedaya (The Guidance Light) (3795 Views)
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