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Love from Molana and Molla- Sadra’s Point of View ( Based on Masnavi and Asfar) (11657 Downloads)
Comparing and Contrasting English-Persian Literary Terms Assumptions and Limitations (6635 Downloads)
Study of Naz (Coquetry) and Niyaaz (need) Manifestation in the Romantic and Mystical Literature (Relying on Sanaei, Hafiz and Vahshi’s ghazals) (6603 Downloads)
The study of Harut and Marut Myth in Masnavi (5888 Downloads)
Manifestation of the (5876 Downloads)
Deliberation in the Desire‚ the Reasons and the Conditions (4541 Downloads)
The Upheaval of Mystic Attitudes and Moods (4353 Downloads)
"No" negation," except "Affirmation from Molawi's Point of View (4320 Downloads)
Remembrance, Poverty Treasure (4023 Downloads)
The Analysis of Archetype and Theosophical Ultraism Symbols for Golshane Raz with Approach to Jung’s Theory (3669 Downloads)
Moses and Shepherd Dialog in Masnavi (3403 Downloads)
Study of the Mystical Concepts in The Terrestrial Nutrients of André Gide and Hafiz’s Ghazaliat (3189 Downloads)
The Upheavals of Phoenix Mythology in Transition from epic to Mysticism (based on Firdausi's SHahnameh and Attar’s Mantegotteyr) (2892 Downloads)
The Functions of War Cry ( Rajaz Khani ) in The Book Of The Kings ( Shahname ) Of Ferdowsi and Garshasb Nameh of Asadi Towsi (2824 Downloads)
Zaum' in shams lyric poems (2800 Downloads)
The Study of the Eevolution of Sufism in the Early Centuries (2798 Downloads)
Check Mystical and Religious Symbols and their Impact on Stability Poetry (Based on Holy Defense Poetry Congress Seventeen Emphasis on Salman Harati, Seyyed Hassan Hosseini and Tahereh Saffarzadeh) (2772 Downloads)
The Representation of Secret in Masnavi Manavi (2679 Downloads)
The Method of Discourse Analysis in Sohrab Sepehry’s Poems (2674 Downloads)
The Relationship of Love and Creation in Meybodi’s Kashf al-Asrar and Oddat al-Abrar (2582 Downloads)
Introducing Manuscripts of Quatrains of The Most Famous Guatrain Composer in Persian, Abu Saeed Kamal-o-din Najafi Astar Abadi ( Sahabi) (2522 Downloads)
The Conscious and Unconscious Speech in the Words of Sheikh Abul Hasan khareghani (2474 Downloads)
Surrealism in Masnavi Ma’navi (2440 Downloads)
Mystical homes in Ghazali's Resalat Al-Teyr (2416 Downloads)
Commemoration of Twinkle (seizing an opportunity) in Khayyam’s Intellection with a Comparative Glance at Mowlavi. (2338 Downloads)
Self-knowledge in perspective of Einolghozat (2269 Downloads)
A Survy of Similarities and Differences between Sufism and Shi'ism (2239 Downloads)
Treading of the Love in the School of Saadi and Roozbehan (2065 Downloads)
Comparison of concept of Fana in Thought of Abu Saeid Aboalkhair and Sepehri (2033 Downloads)
The subject of Hijab in Attar's perspective (2019 Downloads)
and the Last Meams : The First Quarter and The Last Quarter (1954 Downloads)
Perfect Human in the Poetry of Amir Khusrau Dehlavi (1916 Downloads)
Spiritual themes in the poetry of Sayyid Qhotb (1877 Downloads)
Manifestation of Divine Names and Attributes in Sanaei’s Divan (1875 Downloads)
Comparative Reading of Mystical concepts in Shahnameh of Ferdowsi and Architecture of Iran (1841 Downloads)
Cultural Comprehensiveness Variation and Hafez Mystical Thoughts, in his Poetry (1812 Downloads)
Khagani in His “ Self Limbo” (1792 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Death in John Donne and Sohrab Sepehri (1780 Downloads)
Fixing the position of the Zoroastrian god of war Mars mythical ancient Persian Zoroastrian Studies (1779 Downloads)
Pantheism in Masnavi Manavi (1775 Downloads)
A Look at the Mystic Themes of Salek Qazvini's Sonnets (1754 Downloads)
مفهوم ذات حق در گلشن راز شبستری (1738 Downloads)
The Similarities between William Shakespeare and Hafez with regarding '' LOVE '' Category (1712 Downloads)
Surveying fiction innovations of MASNAVI based on third booklet (1711 Downloads)
The concept of Voluntary Death from the view of Sanaei and Attar (1703 Downloads)
Staticism and Dynamism of the World Order From Molavi Balkhi’ Perspective (1682 Downloads)
Hojviri epistemologic viewpoints in Kashf- ol Mahjub about faith & knowledge (1625 Downloads)
Study of teachings and moral advices in Pahlavi context of pursišnīhā (1618 Downloads)
Review and Analysis of the Sea and the Drop Icons in Rumi's Ghazaliyat (1613 Downloads)
Saif Farghany and Social Criticism (1569 Downloads)
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